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Be-Ghouled is a fiendish rendition of the classic “Match Three” game. Win points by moving the game pieces to create horizontal or vertical rows of three (or more) of a kind. Moves are made by clicking adjacent pieces to swap their positions, but swaps only take effect if they result in a match three. Sound tricky? Well, fear fans, it gets worse: you only have twenty seconds to make each move. Don’t let the clock run out or the Grim Reaper may get you!

2 thoughts on “Be-Ghouled!

  1. The game is really nice and cool, it like a bejeweled. Good work and nice game keep up the good work.

    I m also interstend in making games and also trying to, I have worked on Game maker 6 before and now I m working on 3d Max 2009 and also learning Flash CS3.


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